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He didn’t want a hostage. She didn’t want to die. They never expected to fall in love.

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For Anna Malkin, this was supposed to be just another day at her hometown bank, trying to balance life as a single parent in the sleepy town of Oliver, New Mexico. But all of that changes when a handsome stranger walks through the door.

For Clayton George, this should have been a simple pick-up job: he and his partner were to retrieve the contents of a safe deposit box and deliver them to crime boss Ace LeVay. But Clay’s reckless partner has other ideas. With a single gunshot, the simple job turns into a bank robbery, and Anna’s ordinary day turns into a nightmare.

Now the merchandise that Clay was sent to retrieve has become the hottest thing in the New Mexico desert. Desperate and driven, Clay has no choice but to take Anna hostage. Frightened but unbowed, Anna’s only option is to go along.

With deadly enemies at their heels, they race along dusty back roads toward an uncertain fate. From an abandoned snake farm to an ancient border town, Anna becomes certain of only one thing: if Clay doesn’t deliver the merchandise, both his life and hers will be forfeit.
As peril mounts and time runs out, they can’t deny the powerful attraction drawing them together. Will Anna be able to trust Clay – and her heart – before it’s too late?

Her Badman Hero is PG-13 love story, full of memorable characters, perilous adventure and heartfelt romance.

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