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Vila SpiderHawk is the author of three novels, a book of short stories and a cookbook.  She lives with her husband in the woods of Pennsylvania, in a log house of their design.  They share their home with five cats and enjoy frequent visits from their many woodland friends.  I’m thrilled to be able to share with you her latest work, Forest Song: Letting Go.

She left her birth home to learn the ways of the woods in Forest Song: Finding Home.  She grew into her powers as protector of the denizens of the forest in Forest Song: Little Mother.  And now, Judy Baumann faces the horrors of World War II: the concentration camps, Jewish ghettos, and the other persecution of the Jews.

Join Judy as she struggles to survive death-defying challenges, overcoming betrayal and loss with courage, cleverness and humor.

One reader says:

“Amazing but true.  SpiderHawk has again written an outstanding novel that touches the very core of loss, yearing, learning and beginnings.

“It has been my privilege to own all of Vila SpiderHawk’s wonderful books and this one, as I myself am getting on in years, touched a deep vein of recognition in me.  It deals with loss, new beginnings and blossoming awareness of ability and truths.

“As with all her work, Vila SpiderHawk’s ability to bring the reader deep within, with her color descriptions is an utter joy.  This is a truly inspiring novel and I highly recommned it to anyone.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…Vila just gets better!  Of all her novels, this one touched me to my very soul.  There were times when I smiled, times I associated closely with the characters and times when I cried in sympathy, because always, there is somewhere a place that we too have visited.  In this, her most recent book, I was drawn into her web and held utterly spellbound from start to finish.” – J.H.G.

Visit Vila Spiderhawks’s website to read more!

Or buy today on Amazon.com (available in paperback and on Kindle)!


3 thoughts on “Great Reads Monday – Forest Song: Letting Go by Vila SpiderHawk

  1. Sun Singer says:

    I just finished reading “Finding Home” a few days ago. I'm looking forward to “Little Mother” and “Letting Go.”


    P.S. “Finding Home” is my TUESDAY TEASER for this week at: http://jockstewart.typepad.com/writers_notebook/2010/11/teaser-tuesday-forest-song-finding-home.html

  2. I'm reading “Little Mother” right now; I actually edited “Finding Home” for VHP, and love it. Vila is an author after my own heart.

  3. Misha Crews says:

    (Wow, I posted on my own blog and it didn't take! Ain't technology grand? Let's try this again!)

    Malcolm – Hope the Tuesday Teaser went well! And I'm so glad you're loving Vila's books. She's awesome!

    Smoky – Yep, you're both earth mages and wonderful writers! :~)

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