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My First Post with the Rockville 8

Okay, it’s true: I haven’t worked on my own blog in a dog’s age (whatever that means). But I haven’t been completely idle! Today I am proud to announce that I’m officially a member of the wonderful Rockville 8 blog.

My debut post, One Writer’s Tale of Self Publishing and Free Giveaways is now live and ready for readin’! The post shares the results of my free giveaways with Amazon’s KDP Select program, and it also talks about promotion. Whether you’re already a fan of the lovely Rockville 8, or if this is the first you’ve heard of them, I hope you’ll stop by and say hello.

And yes, I’m planning to revive my own blog later this month! I’m looking forward to getting back in the groove and re-joining the writing parade! I’ll keep you posted on my progress (pun totally intended).

Have a great week!

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