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Holiday Short Story – Free for You!

christmashalloweencoverWow, Christmas is only a week away. How did that happen?
Even though it’s last-minute, I have a new short story which I will be sending out to my newsletter list on Tuesday, December 20. It’s a mixed-up holiday romance called All I Want for Christmas is a Happy Halloween.

When Morgan walks into the Christmas party, the first thing she notices is that the other parents aren’t dressed up. Which is too really too bad, since Morgan herself is wearing a foam pumpkin costume the size of a Mini Cooper and the shade of – well – a pumpkin….

One part sweet holiday romance, one part light Halloween comedy, this is a story about following your heart, believing in your friends, and trusting yourself.

This sweet little short will also be available on Kindle for $1.49, but you can get it for free if you are subscribed to my newsletter! 🙂

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Happy Reading!

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