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Sweet Music: Three New Short Stories from Angel River

A funny thing happened on the way to publishing these stories.

In December of 2021, I shared the news of a trilogy of short stories that I was writing. At the time, they were called Kisses from Angel River. But as I was finishing them up, I realized that I wasn’t happy with the way they had turned out. So, I scrapped them all and started over. To be honest, it was a difficult process, and it took much longer than it should have. But here, at last, are the new short stories, which center around a family-owned music store, a story of new love, and an antique flute which is supposed to help people see the future. They’re all available now on Kindle (links below). 

Sweet Music

“Sweet music, and your secret heart. Both have the healing grace.” – Jon Anderson

New Year’s Day, 1999… Soon-to-be grandmother Goldie Sullivan is awaiting the most important phone call of her life when an enigmatic visitor brings her a package with a warning attached.

New Year’s Day, 2008… Although Goldie’s daughter Joanna has never been a party girl, she wakes up with an aching head, last night’s shoes stuck on her feet, and the hazy memory of a mystery kiss chiming in her head. But there’s no time for her to fret. Tasked with an important errand for her favorite niece, Jo has to deal with a malfunctioning alarm system, a persistent ex, and a distractingly handsome new acquaintance, or risk disappointing her family yet again.

Will Joanna be able to play a new melody for the new year, or will she be stuck with the same old song? And will the birth of Goldie’s granddaughter bring her the peace that she’s been seeking, or will fate play a tune which will change her family forever?

Set in the beloved town of Angel River, this short romance will captivate readers in all seasons.

Find it here on Kindle.

In Search of a Word

“Music is love in search of a word.” – Sidney Lanier

Valentine’s Day, 1999… On the day that Goldie Sullivan becomes the official owner of the fabled Beaufort flute, she discovers that there are some mysteries which she might not want to solve.

Valentine’s Day, 2008… For once in Joanna’s life, things seem to be going splendidly. She’s been seeing Thomas since the beginning of the year. She’s finally moved out of the place she used to share with her ex-boyfriend and is living in a wonderful new apartment over the music store. Her job is steady and enjoyable. But in the space of a few hours, it all seems ready to fall apart. Can she find the way and the words to hold it all together?

An intriguing second installment in the Sweet Music from Angel River trilogy, this short love story will infatuate readers any time of the year.

Find it here on Kindle.

Teardrops & Memories

“Music is the art which is most nigh to tears and memory.” – Oscar Wilde

St. Patrick’s Day, 1999… New grandmother Goldie is looking forward to a long life surrounded by her growing family. But when fate plays an unexpected tune, can a legendary silver flute help her find harmony in the future?

St. Patrick’s Day, 2008… Goldie’s daughter Joanna never really wanted to run Sweet Music, the music shop her family has owned for generations. But when the store encounters financial trouble, Joanna is given a choice: either she takes over the place for good, or it will have to be closed down. At the same time, Thomas, Joanna’s new love, receives an offer he can’t refuse, and has to make his own decision about where he will spend the next part of his life. Will their relationship survive the whims of fortune, or will it all remain teardrops and memories?

An enthralling close in this short romance series, set in the town of Angel River.

Find it here on Kindle.

I hope you’ll take a chance on these stories, and get to know three generations of the Sullivan family: guardians of the historic Sweet Music shop, and new custodians of the Beaufort flute, an object of myth and mystery.

And in case you’re wondering… yes, I am working on the next long novel in the Angel River series! I’ll have more to tell you about that soon. To be the first to know, just sign up for my newsletter. ♥

Hugs and happy reading,


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