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Quote: “Just the knowledge that a good book is waiting…” by Kathleen Norris

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When I was younger, I worked in D.C. and lived in Arlington, Virginia. Every day, I would take the subway into the city, do my work, go to class at night, and take the subway home again. While I was on the train, I would read. For the most part, the work was good (I had a clerical position in a private school) and the class was good (I was studying for a teaching certificate). But regardless of how much I enjoyed my working hours, at the end of the day it was always a huge relief to step on to on that subway train, reach into my bag, and slip between the covers of a book. That’s why this quote resonated so strongly with me:

“Just the knowledge that a good book is waiting for one at the end of the day makes the day.” — Kathleen Norris

This is a feeling that booklovers know very well. The hours between waking and the end of the work day are mostly dedicated to other people. (And for parents, that is doubly—or even triply—true!) But the time we spend reading is for us, and us alone.

The book into which I’ve been escaping lately is Once Upon a River, by Diane Setterfield. It’s a mystery in a historical setting, told in fairy-tale style, with interwoven stories blending as delicately as lace. I’ll write a full review when I’m finished with it. I don’t have a lot of time to read these days (sometimes I miss those long subway rides!), but when I do, wow do I enjoy it.

What book is sweeping you away these days? Please share! I have a very long TBR list, but I’m always willing to extend it!


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