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Every story deserves a happily-ever-after.

Well, here we are: a brand new year! I hope that 2017 has treated you well so far, and that it continues to behave itself for the next 362 days, if not longer. πŸ˜‰

This year, one of my resolutions is to write more, including blogging on a regular basis. But when it comes to deciding what to blog about, I often find myself flummoxed.

To counter-act the flummoxicity (just because it’s not in the dictionary doesn’t mean it’s not a word) IΒ wrote up a little survey with a few areas that I thought might be of interest. If you have a second, could you check off any subjects that tickle your fancy? You can check as many as you like, or leave requests/suggestions of your own in the comment boxes.

Oh, andΒ the “Name,” “Email,” etc., fields are all optional, so if you prefer to be incognito, feel free to remain a woman (or man) of mystery. πŸ™‚

Thank you in advance for your input!

So…. what should I blog about in 2017?


It’sΒ every book-lovers dilemma, right? “So many books, so little time.”

Personally, I have so many fantastic books waiting for me on my Kindle that I’d like to huddle in bed for a week and just read. πŸ™‚ But of course, with holiday madness it’s been tough to find a few quiet moments in which to get lost in a book.

Here is a screenshot of some of my recent downloads and purchases. What about you? What stories have captured your heart recently, and how do you make time to read?

Happy New Year, friends! Hope your weekend is filled with friends, and your new year filled with happiness.



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