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Welcome to Angel River, Virginia

Tiny town of my imagination

Thanks so much for visiting! This page, like the town itself, is experiencing much exciting development. Soon you will find fun things like free short stories, a Pinterest board, and an ever-expanding series of blog posts about the history, citizens, and charming places of Angel River. In the meantime, please take a look around, maybe have a cup of coffee and a scone at the Angel River Café, and use the form below to ask anything about our town.

Angel River, Virginia. A storied place with an enchanting past. A haven for the lost and lonely. A pretty town, paved with secrets. From the 1880s to the twenty-first century, discover the loves and lives, houses and households, mysteries and magic, of a town named for the angels.

Recent blog posts about Angel River:

Sweet Music: Three New Short Stories from Angel River

A funny thing happened on the way to publishing these stories. In December of 2021, I shared the news of a trilogy of short stories that I was writing. At the time, they were called Kisses from Angel River. But as I was finishing them up, I realized that I wasn’t happy with the way they had turned out. So, I scrapped them all and started over. To be honest, it was a difficult process, and it took much longer than it should have. But here, at last, are the …

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The Book of Forgotten Angels – 1899

Seeing as how my latest novel, The Book of Forgotten Angels, is releasing today, I thought it might be fun to explore a little bit about the original novel, which inspired Mae and Levi’s quest through Angel River. The original Book of Forgotten Angels was written by Browning Weidler in 1899. Very little is known about Weidler, except that he’s a native son of Angel River and achieved some success but little fame as a writer. He is the author of several novels and short stories. In addition to Angels, …

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Angel River: Tiny town of my imagination

Well, my friends, amazing as it seems, we’re about to release the fourth novel to be set in my fictional town of Angel River, Virginia. And since I’ve been spending so much time here in my imagination, I decided I’d like to write a few blog posts about it, too. I hope that sounds good to you. Angel River is located in the Piedmont Region of Virginia, which is the long, rolling stretch of country that lies between the Coastal Plain and the Blue Ridge Mountains. The land there is …

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My New Release: The Book of Forgotten Angels

Happy Monday, my friends! I am beyond excited to share this news with you. My new book, which is called The Book of Forgotten Angels, will be released on Kindle and in paperback on December 10th. 🤗 Here’s a little about the story: It’s Christmas season in Angel River, Virginia, and café owner Mae Wallace is spending another holiday on her own. Although she is surrounded by friends, Mae can’t help feeling lonely and purposeless. But everything changes when a tall, dark, handsome stranger comes knocking on her door.  Private …

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The House on the Hill – Aug 31st! (preorder today)

It’s here! I’m beyond thrilled to share my new novel with you… Click here to buy it on Kindle for the special pre-order price of only 99 cents! Sometimes “the end” is just the beginning. From the author of the beloved novel Homesong comes a sequel which explores the truth of love, the importance of family, and the weight of the secrets that people keep… even from themselves. After decades of separation, Kate Doyle is newly engaged to her childhood sweetheart, Reed Fitzgerald. As they settle into their comfortable life in New …

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