Misha Crews

Love stories about old houses and family secrets.

’Tis the season for fun and food!

From bestselling authors Karen Cantwell and Misha Crews comes a captivating collection of delicious tales and delightful recipes. Available for a limited time only.

Barbara Marr is seeing a man in her dreams, and it isn’t her husband! Will this strange specter ever tell her what he wants, or will Barbara never sleep again?

When Morgan walks into the holiday party, the first thing she notices is that the other parents haven’t dressed up. Which is too really too bad, since Morgan is wearing a foam pumpkin costume the size of a small car and the shade of, well, a pumpkin. What’s a girl to do?

Spending the holidays alone is nothing new for Marmaduke, seeing as how he’s a ghost. When he meets a little boy in search of a playmate, can Marmi step out of his spiritual comfort zone and make a friendship connection?

It’s New Year’s Day in Angel River, and Goldie is expecting news of her first grandchild. What she gets is the gift of a lifetime.

Treat yourself to these flights of fancy (and more!) in this limited-time anthology. Recipes include Bethany Marr’s Candy Cane Cookies, Miss Maud’s Never-Fail Fudge, Marmaduke’s Browned-Butter Winter Vegetables, and Morgan’s Crowd-Pleasing Punch. There’s something for everyone in this playful and touching holiday treasure.

Also available in paperback at Amazon.com.

Happy holidays, and happy reading!