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Love stories about old houses and family secrets.

At The Cafe

I’m so happy to bring you these seven tiny tales of love and mystery. I hope they make you smile!

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At the CafeThe place of their meeting, would it also be the place where they said goodbye forever?

Accidental DeathGary had figured out a way to kill his wife and not get caught.

Murder, Sweet MurderThere was a body on the floor of the coffee shop. Casey’s day was starting out all wrong.

The Pleasure of RefusingThat night in the rain, she almost ignored him.

My Funny ValentineIt could turn out to be the most important day in his life.

The Bell Tower ManThe children’s teacher is missing. Was she taken by the Bell Tower Man?

Sweet InspirationAmanda had to get out of the office. She needed stimulation. Motivation. Inspiration.

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