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Teaser: My fantasy holiday has something to do with this picture! 

It’s been awhile since I shared the goings-on at The Rockville 8. Of course, we’re all as busy as beavers: working, writing, living and laughing (sometimes all at the same time).

This week, we decided to have some fun with the holidays. Letting our imaginations run wild, we asked ourselves: if money were no object, if time were not a factor, and if family obligations were magically suspended, how would we spend the holiday season? It turns out that imagining and sharing our holiday fantasies was almost as much fun as living them would be. (Plus: no fussing around at the airport!)

I hope you’ll stop by and join us as we travel the world in our imaginations. The Rockville 8: Our Fantasy Holidays. And please feel free to share your holiday fantasy, too! The more, the merrier… especially during this season of celebration.

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