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Recently, Facebook (source of cute cat videos, funny memes, and other delights) reminded me of something nice that happened three years ago. I thought it might give you a smile. 🙂

From February 21, 2014

So, I went to Starbucks at lunch (shocking, I know), and as I walked inside I paused to hold the door for the lady behind me. Our eyes met, and I smiled at her and said hi. A few minutes later, I’m at the counter and I order my drink. The barista rings up the total, and before I can pay, the woman shoves a card at the cashier. “I’m paying for this lady’s drink,” she says.

“Really?” I squeal. “Thank you! Why?”

“Because you held the door for me and smiled,” she says. “I was having a terrible day, and it really meant a lot that you did that.”

Wow, right? A little routine politeness can really make a difference. It can brighten someone’s day, and even score a free cup of coffee!

Hugs, and stay warm!


One thought on “Shucks, Ma’am, It Warn’t Nothin’ (but it did get me a free coffee!)

  1. What a great story. People can be really awesome!! I have to confess I had a similar thing happen. I was in line at Starbucks for breakfast in Washington, D.C. when the man in front of me said, “This and whatever this young (ha!!–my added ha) lady wants.” Well, he bought my sandwich and a cup of coffee. I said, “Really? Are you sure?” What a nice start to the day that was!! At least you worked for yours.

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