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Love stories about old houses and family secrets.

Note: this post started off light-heartedly but got kind of deep as I wrote it. It’s as imperfect as I am, and probably should be edited severely (as I should!) but I decided to leave it the way it came out. I hope you’re okay with that.

Love is my favorite four-letter word! It can be applied to so many things: friends, spouses, lovers, cats, cars, books, coffee… the list is endless.

And so here we are, on another Valentine’s Day, an occasion which celebrates romantic love above all others. But we all know that romantic love is only a small part of life: an important part, but a small one, nonetheless. So today, my friends, I wish that you can give and receive all kinds of love:

  • Love of self, which can be the hardest of all.
  • Love of family, the ones we love best who often try our patience the most.
  • Love of friends, the family we choose.
  • Love of humanity, though the daily news sometimes makes it hard to fathom why we should.
  • Love of flora and fauna: plants, animals, and all the lovely lifeforms that make up our world.
  • Love of the elements: earth, air, fire and water.
  • Love on a spiritual level, because spiritality is eternal.
  • Love of a Creator, however you choose to view that topic (even if, for you, the Creator is just a gigantic explosion that happened eons ago). We all came from somewhere, and we are all headed somewhere.

May all of these loves be yours today!

And to end this post the way it started, here are some other four-letter words that I enjoy: book, cafe, walk, cake, purr… That list is endless also.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

“You can feel a different kind of love for many people at the same time… Some you take care of, some you adore, some are friends and some you want to be with…. Some take over your heart and some take over your mind… but all along love is not the same for everyone in your life.” – Neena Gupta

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