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Beauty, beauty everywhere, and I just had to share it. 🥰 These pretty little blossoms grew overnight under my car. Thanks for the flowers, Mother Nature! They were just what I needed. 🌼💞🤗

P.S. In a lovely little bit of serendipity, my short story The Violet Hour was almost titled “Wildflowers Grow in Forgotten Places.” I feel like that title was brought to life today. 🥰

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4 thoughts on “Beauty, Beauty Everywhere

  1. Eileen Doughten says:

    So pretty……and I loved the photo of your Mom and Aunt Helen. It is excellent!

    1. Misha Crews says:

      Thank you Eileen! I miss them so darn much.

  2. marypcollins says:

    Thanks Misha this is sweet. Did you know you’ve got some marigolds growing there!! They were a favorite of mom and Margaret. They are a good companion plant for tomatoes, they keep bugs away. And my garden is full of them. A lovely gift from the nature spirits. Love, Mare
    Mary Collins, LCSW-C, PCC 443-928-0926

    1. Misha Crews says:

      Wow thanks for that Mare! I felt like the flowers were extra special. Definitely a gift. ❤❤❤

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