Misha Crews

Love stories about old houses and family secrets.

At some point in my writing journey, I took a side-trip into the world of folklore and mythology. The result is known as Ha-la, which is the totally made-up mythology belonging to the town of Angel River, and its surrounding countryside. Here is the first glimpse into the history and practices of our little town’s traditions.

If humans had taglines, what would yours be? I’ve been enjoying the daily writing prompts from WordPress, even though I don’t always take the time to answer them. This one, however (“If humans had taglines, what would yours be?”) was too much fun to pass up. Especially because I do have a personal tagline — …

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Don’t you love seeing your old friends all dressed up and ready to party? 😊 Today I’m “officially” sharing Homesong and The House on the Hill, resplendent in the finery of their new covers! Homesong, my first novel, was written in 2007. I didn’t really know what I was doing when I wrote it, I …

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