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Linda Spear is an author and a journalist with over 30 years of communications experience. She is a veteran journalist for The New York Times, where she reported primarily on evolving health and human interest issues that affect our culture.  I’m so pleased to be able to share with you her debut novel I Know You By Heart – this week’s Great Read!

A mother’s dying request rips her family apart in Linda Spear’s debut novel. “Find David!” the mother of Sarah, narrator of I Know You by Heart. Naturally, Sarah, her dad, her husband, her sister Tessa, and her sister’s husband are puzzled. In the time they have spent by Andrea’s bedside, caring for her as she dies of cancer, the matriarch has never mentioned this person who is now seemingly so important. But Sarah takes the lead, and in investigating her mother’s e-mail correspondence with David, she discovers his true meaning to her mother. For Sarah, the week following her mother’s death is a tumultuous one. Everyone’s personality has changed in theirgrief, and emotions are running high. While Sarah tries to deal with the death of a beloved parent, she also reels from the truth she discovers about David. At the same time, other family secrets bubble to the surface about her sister and her father that will change everyone’s relationships forever.

What do readers say?

“A story for sharing. A family drama of immediacy and honest reporting. A book for all of us who have loved and lost and loved again. Linda Spear has that `kitchen table’ touch — we are having coffee with her and she makes us keep asking, “And then what happened?” Tissues are not optional….” – M.B.

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