Misha Crews

Stories from the heart. Books that feel like home.

I posted this last year, but during the past twelve months, all of these things have proven truer than ever. Have a beautiful day!

The Thanksgiving mantra of a pragmatic optimist:

🍂 I am thankful for my flaws, because perfection is boring.
🍂 I am thankful for my mistakes, because you can’t fail unless you first attempt something.
🍂 I am thankful for the obstacles in my life, because challenge is at the heart of every adventure.
🍂 I am thankful for tears, because at least I can feel.
🍂 I am thankful for laughter, because laughter is triumph in even the grimmest circumstance.
🍂 I am thankful for YOU, whoever and wherever you are, because you are reading this.

Happy Thanksgiving, dear hearts! ❤

nature red forest leaves


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