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amazing (adj.) causing sudden and overwhelming wonder; wonderful; astonishing; astounding

I may not know you personally, but I am sure that you are amazing. And here are three reasons why:

1. You get out of bed every day.

Sure, it may not seem like much. But if you consider the state of the world (especially in 2020), the simple act of “rise and shine” can be a heroic feat. So when you put your feet on the floor every morning, remember: you’ve just taken the first step toward having a great day.

“Give people high-fives for just getting out of bed. Being a person is hard sometimes.” Kid President

2. You smile at people even when you don’t feel good.

I can see you now: you’re standing in line for coffee, or at the grocery store. The weight of the day is riding heavy on you. Maybe you’re tired or feeling low. The person in front of you turns casually and catches your eye. And what do you do? You smile. Even with our masks on, eye-smiles still shine bright, and can light up even the darkest heart. So keep smiling, sunshine! Who knows, maybe it will even change the world.

“Everyone smiles in the same language.” – George Carlin

3. You have dreams.

Universal truth: life is hard. We are all making our way through the maze of human existence. And yet, even when the path is dark and the destination seems hopeless, you have dreams of something sunny and bright. You envision a happier life for yourself and your family, or maybe an artistic goal finally realized, or peace on Earth and goodwill towards all creatures, great and small. Or maybe you simply picture a time when we can all congregate and hug at will. Whatever your dreams, large or small, you have them. And that, dear friends, causes wonder and astonishment. It is amazing, and so are you.

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” – Harriet Tubman


Hugs and Happy Reading,


2 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why You are Amazing

  1. Nancy Youngs says:

    Dear Misha,
    Thank you for being your amazing self, too! I really admire how you share happiness and love with all of us through your writings.

    1. Misha Crews says:

      Oh my gosh, thank YOU for those sweet words! Hope we can get together sometime soon. ❤

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