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amazing (adj.) causing sudden and overwhelming wonder; wonderful; astonishing; astounding I may not know you personally, but I am sure that you are amazing. And here are three reasons why: 1. You get out of bed every day. Sure, it may not seem like much. But if you consider the state of the world (especially …

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Here’s something wonderful: In the 1950s, ABC aired a show called Life Begins at 80. The show featured a rotating panel of men and women in their eighties. In each episode, the panel would answer questions sent in by viewers, and would talk about how great it is to be eighty or older. Don’t you …

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Bibliolit is the literary genre which celebrates books, or in which characters are marked by a love of reading. Recently we have seen a delightful rise in the popularity of bookish romance, but bibliolit novels are not always love stories.