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On Main Street in my town there is a gallery run by the Valley Center for the Creative Arts (VECCA). Their mission is to bring the arts and the community together through educational programs. Pretty great, right?

This year they are hosting the Mistletoe Market, a month-long event that provides artists with a place to sell their work. Each week is dedicated to a different art form and this week is (ta-da!) local writers! I’m excited to join my fellow Shenandoah Valley writers at this bright and vibrant marketplace. Here is a video of our books, laid out and looking fine. Below that is some of the art that is currently on display (and for sale, if you’re interested!). If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll stop by and join us this weekend. And if not, I hope you’ll check out the work of my fellow writers. To read all about us, check out this link.

For more information on VECCA, check out vecca.org, and to see me, in particular, check out this event on Facebook.


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