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Hello, my friends! Just a note to let you know that free bonus chapters for books three, four and five of the Angel River series are now available. Links are below! You’ll need to be subscribed to my mailing list to access them. I’m still working out some issues with paperbacks for all three of these books, I will definitely let you know as soon as they are available! In the meantime, just because I love you, here are your…

Bonus Chapters for Sweet Music, Still Waters, and The Book of Forgotten Angels!

The Book of Forgotten Angels – Angel River 3

Mae is asked to speak at a town meeting. Levi is looking for a house for his mother and sister. Their relationship is growing. And, of course, Ruby the cat is in the middle of the action. I hope you enjoy these extra chapters! There’s a quick note from me at the end.

Find the extra chapters here.

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Sweet Music – Angel River 4

Although Lucien Damont is a character I’ve lived with for over a decade, I’ve never written very much about him. And while he isn’t a major figure in Sweet Music, his effect on Azélie, and therefore on the town of Angel River itself, is profound. Lucien’s tale is continued in Still Waters, through the story of his daughter, Jenna. In this Sweet Music extra you’ll get a little glimpse of Lucien and Jenna when they learn that Azélie has passed away, as well as a chapter from Josie and Pete’s future, as they sort through some of Josie’s family history. I hope you enjoy the read! You’ll find another quick note from me at the end.

Find the extra chapters here.

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Still Waters – Angel River 5

It’s the spring of 1986, and Christopher Appleton is about to celebrate his thirty-fifth birthday. At the party, Jenna surprises him with an unexpected guest: Rose, the girl who used to live across the street. As Chris realizes that Rose is every bit as captivating as he remembers, he also discovers a surprising bit of family history that just might lead him to the tiny town of Angel River.

Find the extra chapters here.

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Request for Reviews

If you have enjoyed any of my books, a positive review would mean the world to me. Like all authors, my books rely heavily on word of mouth to reach new readers. Plus, every review gives me a new perspective on my stories. And if you loved these books, then they are yours as much as mine, and I hope you’ll want to share them with your fellow book lovers. Thanks in advance!

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