Misha Crews

Love stories about old houses and family secrets.

Three Thanskgivings ago, I was in California. It was the first holiday after my mother passed away. My family was all back east, and although I had some good friends living nearby, I decided to take the long weekend and treat myself to a road trip. When I reached San Luis Obispo, I went for a long walk. And when I returned to my hotel, I wrote a story. Recently I found the story again, and I was amazed at the loneliness and longing that infused every syllable. Did I really feel like that as I walked those streets, or was it just my writerly imagination?

I know that the spooky season is technically over, but I “met” this house while I was wandering the countryside on the evening before Halloween, and it has completely captured my imagination. I want to write a story about it, so here goes: In my imagination, the house is found by a photographer, a nice …

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I am so incredibly tickled to be a finalist for Shenandoah County Library’s Two Sentence Horror Stories contest! I can’t tell you which story is mine, but if you enjoy a little taste of the creepy, I hope you’ll check out the stories and vote for your favorite! Visit here to read and vote. Hugs …

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